Book Local. Sell Local.

Connecting musicians with local performance opportunities
and local concert organizers with a musicians local fanbase.

Built and engineered to provide a concert organizer with relevant data and analytics in order to book the right musician for a performance opportunity then leveraging our built in software to promote directly to their local fanbase for higher CTR.
For musicians and band managers
Build your E.P.K.

Opnr provides an easy to use Electronic Press Kit generator, (musician resume), allowing musicians to present themselves professionally when submitting for an opportunity.

Search & Submit

Finding local opportunities has never been easier. Using Opnr's easy to navigate opportunity board, a concert organizer can simply publish an opportunity allowing for musicians to search and submit based on location & genre.

Prove to Play

Using our built in FAN-CLAIM™ software, a musician can tap into their local fanbase for support.

Add a Pitch

Musicians have the ability to express why they're the best fit when submitting for an opportunity.

For concert organizers
Create & Manage Performance Opportunities

Concert organizers can create, manage and share all available opportunities they offer.

Browse & Book

Concert organizers can browse Opnr's easy to use musician database for the right fit for their concert by simply using our genre & location search filters.

Share For Approval

Concert Organizers can use our built in software to share potential candidate(s) to team member(s), managers, touring musicians or agents in order to approve/vote on the right candidate for the opportunity.


Concert Organizers can leverage our built in software to promote directly to a choosen musican's local fanbase for higher CTR, leading to the potential of increased ticket sales.

What Our Community Is Saying
As someone who is responsible for every aspect of booking: offers, announcements, promo materials, marketing, scheduling, confirmations, advances and more - its great to have help with a task that often continues to fall to the bottom of the to-do list: booking support acts! I love that Opnr allows me to send submissions to agents and artists for approval in one easy step - confirming artists is also streamlined - resulting in finding the best match for a particular show. Artists also benefit from Opnr - making it easier for promoters to find them and providing opportunities outside of their hometown!
Nicole Larae Leach, Talend Buyer/Venue Manager, The Pyramid Scheme
For Michigan House’s 5th year, we really want to get more people, businesses, and musicians involved. Partnering with Opnr gives us a straightforward way for independent musicians to let us know they’re interested in performing.
Ted Velie, Co-Founder Michigan House
Opnr is a great way, as a promoter, to organize submissions for opening slots for us here in Michigan. The platform is easy to use and they're making the updates I need as they grow to make sure the system works for all the different ways that promoters work.
Nate Dorough, Talent Buyer for Audiotree Presents
Once we found out about Opnr, it felt like the local scene really opened up for us. We did not really know where to look or who to talk to but once we found Opnr, we had a place to look for the shows that would fit us best. What's even better is that it is so simple to use. Read a quick description on the show and the types of artists a show is looking for and if you fit, you just hit apply and you could be playing a show that you might never have had a connection for. We're really thankful for the things that Opnr has already done for us.
Often Home, Pop
Opnr has been a great way for me to connect with talent buyers. I've had the opportunity to open for two acts that I really enjoy (Your Smith and Tor Miller) at a great venue. Opnr has provided me direct contact with the people booking venues I want to play.
Allye Gaietto, Singer-songwriter
Opnr is a fantastic bridge between promoters and local acts hoping to get an opportunity to support national artists. The interface is simple, and has allowed me to extend past my own network when selecting openers for shows. I can blast an opportunity and forget about it for a few days, then come back and my scouting job is done for me. It's awesome, and getting better and better!
Jesse Shepherd-Bates, Owner, Head Talent Buyer / JSB Squad Productions
I love the easy way of seeking for bookings. It's a dope platform. Glad I signed up.
Nolan the Ninja, Hip-hop/rap
Opnr is a great platform. After my first time seeing it and looking at the opportunities given to artist I understood this was a community I wanted to be a part of. The organizers are responsive, and the Opnr team finds solutions for everyone big or small. Do not miss on this opportunity to work with a group that cares so much about the creatives!
Noveliss, Hip-Hop/Rap